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Wow, I won again!

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Wow, I won again! RedHat Magazine had a contest asking users their favorite tool for managing server performance. My favorite tool is one that I wrote myself. It watches the server load and a few other things that you can configure. It runs automatically every five minutes, and if the values rise above a certain acceptable limit it sends a message to my pager.

I’m thinking about writing seriously. I recently read about Forest Mimms, an author who was fired from a science journal for holding a creationist view point. He’s actually a well-published author having sold millions of books, so it’s doubtful this event hurt him terribly. He started his career as an author by writing the user manual for the original Altair computer (scroll down), the machine that launched Bill Gates’ fledgling company, Micro-soft.

He actually started by writing a few articles for magazines. I think I can do that. First I’ve got to come up with something to write about. Then find someone to buy and publish it. I wonder which will be more difficult.

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