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If the latest news is upsetting you

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I just want to remind everyone in the USA that this is a special time in our political process. Election season is beginning soon, and furthermore, there is an incumbent in office. Therefore the opposing party’s #1 goal is to show that the existing president is doing a poor job. It is their only chance.

What this means is that every little mistake and unpopular decision, and believe me, everyone in authority makes mistakes and/or unpopular decisions, will be magnified as much as possible.

Also keep in mind that now, as ever, the media is in the business of selling advertisements and therefore needs to pull out all the stops in order to get your eye-balls on their ads. The aforementioned unrest gives them a lot of opportunities to write tantalizing and alarmist headlines.

This can be quite discouraging to the general public. It will take effort on the part of readers to discern between real news and parading. It will require great self control not to fall into the trap of forwarding the latest ghastly headline or being outraged at the audacity of such events.

Definitely keep up on what’s happening, speak out against what is wrong, but remember to keep a cool head and don’t get too upset. If you find yourself getting a little discouraged, remember to always look at the bright side.

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