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Have you ever been doing a little web development and needed a web server for local testing? This usually happens to me when I’m doing Javascript and want to use a little Ajax. Much of what you do will work fine with the classic file:/// protocol, but sometimes that just won’t cut it.

Yeah, we can always use MAMP or XAMP or maybe you have a web server (IIS, Apache or Nginx) installed locally. Then you have to either move your files to the web root or configure it to point to your project folder, then remember how to start it (edit that config file). I just found a simpler way… Continue Reading…


Google’s Material Design is a well-thought out, well executed design language for making mobile apps that chooses not be flat (for the sake of flatness). Instead, it uses depth to help raise the priority and to emphasize touchability. It features bold, bright colors and subtle animation to help provide feedback to gestures and finger interaction.

For native Android app developers, Google has produced documentation on how to apply the Material Design theme to your apps and update them for Android 5.0.

As a web app developer, I’ve been looking for ways to explore how to use the Material Design language in my own project. Here are three tools you can use today to help you create web apps and prototype apps using pre-built components. These are ordered from most-maturity and usefulness to least. Continue Reading…


I frequently get asked the question, “How do I get started doing web design?” I’ve answered it so many times that I decided I’d post the answer that I’ve given.

Let’s first make a few things clear: many people in the industry consider web design to be a generic term when used by someone outside of the industry. It is a bit ambiguous – do you mean you want to do design work, or do you want to focus more on coding? It is quite common for someone to be strong in design skills but not so strong at coding, and similarly for someone to be a great coder but not so great at design.

In this case I’m referring specifically to someone who wants to do design. We’d call someone who prefers code a web developer. The answer has a lot in common if they¬†said they¬†liked to code, but I would give a different answer. I’ll share it as a separate blog post. Continue Reading…