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I have written a lot of non-fiction in my life. Documentation, tutorials, sales brochures, reports and more. Since I was a teenager I’ve wanted to write a novel, and recently I did. That novel is very rough, naive in so many ways, and probably needs a full rewrite.

I am continuing to write non-fiction, but while I am do so, I’m studying writing fiction, and as an exercise I wrote the following as a reason why I want to write: Continue Reading…

How to scale Django: Finding the bottleneck

I’ve published an article for DigitalOcean on scaling Django. This article focuses on isolating performance problems. This is the first of several articles on performance, particularly targeting resource constrained configurations.

Django is an excellent Python based platform for building modern web apps. One of its biggest strengths is that it helps developers work faster.

You’ve built your awesome app and deployed it. Things are great, but now that you’re loading it up with larger amounts of data and you’re starting to have several people use it at the same time, it’s not as fast as you’d like.

It’s a common problem. Fortunately, we have some tools to help alleviate the problems.¬†First, let’s check for a few of the more obvious issues:

Read the article at DigitalOcean: How To Scale Django: Finding the Bottleneck