Statement of Faith Statement of Faith

  • God Created the Universe, the earth and all living things in a literal 6 days, and on the 7th day, He rested
  • Every man and woman has sinned and sin permanently separates us from God
  • Christ is the son of God and He IS God, He is not separate and He is not a created being. He is, was and always will be
  • Christ lived a perfect life on earth and gave us an example of righteousness
  • Christ allowed himself to be crucified and died on a cross in order to free mankind from sin and to purchase a place in heaven for us
  • ALL who believe in Christ will receive eternal life and spend eternity in heaven with Christ
  • Nothing we do will improve our chances of getting into heaven, only believing in Christ will be sufficient
  • Eternal life is offered to all, but some will refuse it
  • When we believe, God dwells inside of us as the Holy Spirit who is the only mediator we need to communicate with God and no man or woman has or needs a special channel to God apart from the Holy Spirit
  • Christ has promised us that He will return again (though He hasn’t yet), but when He does, everyone will know it and recognize His authority
  • God is preparing a new heaven which will reside on Earth where all of His believers will spend an eternity with Him
  • All of those who do not believe in Christ will be eternally separated from Him in a place of conscious and permanent suffering, also known as hell

Why have a statement of faith on this blog?

Much of the writing and posts here mention or allude to my world view. There are a lot of people who describe themselves as religious and even Christians but their frame of reference is quite different than mine. That’s OK, but I’d like to make it clear to anyone who cares what perspective I have.

Some people will call me a “born again christian” or “evangelical” or “fundamental christian” or maybe even “conservative christian.” These are all OK and accurate descriptions. However I do object to the term “Calvinist,” not because it is untrue but because in addition to the fundamental tenants of Calvinism, which I generally agree with, it associates some baggage that I don’t agree with, most importantly the over-emphasis of pre-destination which causes many who profess such views to disregard the great commission.

  • insaner

    (hmm, it seems my other comment got eaten)

    thank you for this blog, i came here looking for help on some inkscape stuff. its great to see statements of faith on these types of site.

    if you dont like the term “calvinist” you can always you the term “reformed”, as you know.

    thanks again.


  • newz2000

    Thanks for the comment, yes, I agree. I am content to describe myself as having a reformed view and I agree, saying it that way conveys less baggage.

  • Bill Stanton

    How can you possibly reconcile being a techie, which is based entirely on evidence and reason, with being a biblical fundamentalist, which is blind faith in defiance of science and reason? People who believe that the universe was created in a literal 6 days could never have built the tower of knowledge that you get to stand on. They would never have had the courage to ask fundamental questions, or to proceed from the necessary doubt that caused science and technology to move forward. Yet you benefit from their courage, and reap the fruits of their free inquiry.

    • newz2000

      Do you mean the tower of knowledge built by such amazing scientists such as Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei and Blaise Pascal? (all Christians) The premise of science is only possible because we believe the universe is orderly, organized and consistent; these are all characteristics of an intelligent creator. I would say that your faith that order can come out of chaos and chance is blind, not mine.

  • David Moody

    Just wanted to say how awesome it is to find someone who is a developer and also a believer in Jesus Christ. Its rare. I followed your github account and I really like your dungeon game. Its a really cool idea and I like that you have to create a real board to play on 🙂 Very Cool. For what its worth i understand where you are coming from on the Calvanist thing. Calvin was a man. He had some good points, and he had some bad points. We follow Jesus Christ not men.:-) Well God bless you brother.