8 ways to get your defects prioritized

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Oh, I hate clickbait headlines. But if it works, we should use them to our advantage. My main job function is to make sure the software  my company makes helps users, does what they’re supposed to and are easy to use. I spend a lot of time talking to customers, watching them work and measuring the user experience. That means I also file defects when I find things that could be improved, which is always. (we make great software, but there is always room for improvement)

The most frustrating thing in the world is to file a defect and then have nobody look at it, prioritize it or work on it. I saw a post on Twitter about the most effective clickbait phrases used by BuzzFeed, the king of clickbait. It occurred to me: what if we use this to our advantage when filing defects?

If you say, “I can’t use these, I have intellectual integrity,” what you’re really saying is that you just don’t care about your users. Think of the users. Think of how much better your applications will be when all of these defects get +1’d because of your engaging headlines. Think of all the good you’ll do when you rack up those karma points.

Here are some suggested headlines that use these to your advantage.

10 of the top 3-word phrases used by BuzzFeed and an example of how to use them in a defect listing.

  1. BuzzFeed: “characters are you”
    Your defect: “Which UI glitch from 2014 are you?”
  2. BuzzFeed: “[X] things only”
    Your defect: “6 things only the programmers understand”
  3. BuzzFeed: “before you die”
    Your defect: “The top 3 issues to fix before you die” (yeah, that sounds a little threatening, but that may work to your advantage)
  4. BuzzFeed: “Is this the”
    Your defect: “Is this the most embarrassing FAQ page in history?”
  5. BuzzFeed: “You probably didn’t”
    Your defect: “You probably didn’t know this would happen when you…”
  6. BuzzFeed: “Are the most”
    Your defect: “These 3 issues the most frustrating”
  7. BuzzFeed: “in your life”
    Your defect: “11 problems you thought you’d never see in your life”
  8. BuzzFeed: “[X] things that”
    Your defect: “6 things that frustrate the boss”
  9. BuzzFeed: “things you probably”
    Your defect: “11 things you probably didn’t think would crash our website”
  10. BuzzFeed: “photos that prove”
    Your defect: “Photos that prove our registration process sucks”

clickbait-that-works There are 30 phrases in the list but I picked out 10. Leave a comment with other ideas. Click the thumbnail to see the full-sized image.

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