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I recently went to Best Buy to buy a video camera but instead got an MP3/Video player. I took a chance and didn’t do any research before I bought it. It said it supported Ogg and it played videos. It was “plays for sure” compatible. I really just bought it as an oversized thumbdrive and I had a $100 gift card. However, I **love** it. Its the Insignia 4GB Video Mp3 player. As far as I can tell, you can only get it at Best Buy. But it has a very bright screen, it has excellent controls, and so far, it plays all my music except the stuff I bought at the iTunes store.

It works awesome with Ubuntu.

It comes with some free music and videos on there, so I drug one off of the player onto my desktop (it shows up as an external thumb drive), double clicked it and it played without out a hitch. I looked at the format ([see attached]( and it seems to be a standard xvid file. I’ve installed extra codecs, however everything I have I got using apt-get.

I just saw a coupon for the player, it only lasts for four days though. 🙁 But its $15 off. Even if you don’t use the coupon, its a good, nice looking player and I’m loving mine. (oh, it also has two headphone jacks, so two people can listen at once!)

$15 off Insignia® 4GB video MP3 players, plus free shipping

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  • James

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