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I was wrong… I thought this would be about calvinism, but instead it’s about Isaiah 32:1a,3 (NLT). Actually, it may be related to calvinism… The verse is, “Look, a righteous king is coming!… Then, everyone who can see will be looking for God, and those who can hear will listen to his voice.” This is another one of those verses that seems to be both for and against predestination. Look carefully at the wording: For predestination – “everyone who can see.” For free will – “will be looking.”

I think this is another passage from God’s Word that shows both views are correct. We cannot see God unless we have been elected, but we must still search for him. I guess I will finish out this post as my view on Calvinism, and more specifically, the ULI of the TULIP.

Regarding U, It’s not hard to find passages that show that some people have been chosen by God and some have their hearts hardened by God. However, it’s also easy to find verses that show we must believe in Jesus or trust in the Lord.

Regarding the L, it is easy to find passages that show Grace has been extended to all. That anyone would preach otherwise is foolish.

My biggest disagreement is with the I. I know too many people and actually, too many churches who have the philosophy that if God calls someone they will definitely be saved and there is no need to go out and spread the Good News. This is theology from Satan. To say to people, “Hey, if God has elected people, there’s no way on earth that they will go to Hell,” is both anti-Biblical and yet the obvious mental conclusion a person must come to after thinking that philosophy through.

So about the remaining two points, I’ll clarify my agreement – P: When you believe in Jesus, you become a new creation and the Lord sends his counselor, the Holy Spirit to dwell in you – not in part of you, but to completely fill you. You cannot un-create yourself and no one, not even your sinful nature, can snatch you out of God’s hand. T: Total Depravity – we all have a sinful nature and the only way to not break the Law (note capital L) is for there to be no Law. This may be slightly different than what some Calvinist teach, that being the T signifies that we have no capacity for good and will automatically sink as low as we can go.

Yes, I have Bible references supporting every statement. Have question or comment? Let me know by clicking the “comments” link below.

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