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Matthew Nuzum —  — Leave a comment does not like Firefox I guess. Clicking around on the help menus shows forms with missing form fields. This is very typical of programs designed in visual studio .net. The site is aspx so I’m sure that’s the tool they used.

So, I did sign up for a free ipod. Here’s how it works: You sign up with FreeIpods. You have to choose a promotion. Some cost no money, such as credit cards, some are services provided by discounters such as a cheap printer cartridge website, and others are just business trying to get more exposure, such as a gaming website and blockbuster online. You don’t have to use the service perpetually, just for two or three weeks, to give it a try. Then, you refer 5 other people who each have to try a service. So here’s the deal… click my link and try the service. Once I get my ipod, I’ll change these links here to match your id so that you’ll get a free one too. Use my contact form to let me know your referral URL and I’ll rotate them out.

Also, if you have a blog about Christian issues, about witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses (or exit counseling), electronics or robotics I’d like to link to you. Contact me and send me your URL.

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