DRM makes data less valuable

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Gizmodo: “DRM makes data less valuable.” I’m happy to pay for my free music. I like iTunes, but the problem is, you are restricted on how/when/where you can listen to your music if you buy from the iTunes store. When I said “free” above, I mean free as in speech. I think if we like a service or product, we should say so with our wallets. I have absolutely no problems buying music, but I prefer to do so using CDs because it allows me to listen to the songs anywhere I want. I copy all my music onto the computer in MP3 format (because MP3 is the defacto standard) allowing me to mix and match my songs in any order I like. It allows me to make mix CDs to listen to in the car or to copy the songs onto a portable device. I like the way the above link describes DRM as making the data “less valuable.” That’s exactly the correct term; The music is just as good, you just can’t listen to it anywhere you want. You have restrictions.

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