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I’m currently taking classes at MCC in hopes of one day earning my degree. It’s been 8 years since I last stepped onto a college campus as a student and I’ve changed a lot since then. I predected a few things that I would find surprising, but one thing that caught me un-aware is the wide spread and generally accepted act of software piracy. It shows that we as a society are becoming less moral when students openly brag about all the commercial software they’ve bootlegged. When I was previously in school, we sat around and shared ideas. We talked about things we would do under certain circumstances and our ideals. Thoughts were free and shared openly. Now days, it seems that it’s copies of Photoshop and Windows XP that are shared openly.

Interestingly enough… There are a lot of students using bootlegged copies of Visual Studio and Photoshop that are becoming highly proficient with these tools. Maybe when they grow up they’ll buy a copy and actually put some money back into those companies.

Thought for the day… If you’re very hungry, is it OK to steal food?

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